History of Central Florida Volleyball

History of Central Florida Volleyball

Carlos Pizarro and Gilda Grau founded The National Volleyball School of Puerto Rico in 1986.  The school has been an instrument for the development of many volleyball players in Puerto Rico, North and South America.

Lorem ipsum The school offered a one-of-a-kind personalized fitness program that was specifically adapted to each participant according to their needs (e.g. age, level, goals and objectives).  This training style has identified the National Volleyball School as a pioneer in its field.

In the summer of 2003 Carlos and Gilda offer their first volleyball clinic in Orlando with the attendance of a group of local players that know them from Puerto Rico and their friends.

Concerned about the quality and endurance of volleyball training, founder Carlos Pizarro had a vision of expanding his training program to other participants and/or athletes in the United States.  In 2004, Carlos move to Orlandoand this same group of players that were cut from another club invites him to start a club.  Central Florida Volleyball club started with just 3 teams and at the final tournament of that season they won their first tournament defeating the team from where they were cut.  By 2005, his vision was now a reality and the club grew to 7 teams winning more tournaments.  Central Florida Volleyball Club had already begun to make a difference for many young participants by helping them develop their skills and in getting their college scholarships.  Central Florida Volleyball Club will continue to support and enhance the future of his players and the sport of volleyball.

First CFVC Squad

During these eleven (11) years Central Florida Volleyball Club has been accepting all players no matter their skills devoted to coach them and to develop them to thier fullest potential.  Even without recruiting CFVC had won three Regional Championships and many tournaments in Gold Division.

Around the volleyball community Central Florida Volleyball Club is not only respected for their competitive level but is also admired for their discipline, politeness and sportsmanship conduct at all times.  The image, uniforms and the projection of Central Florida Volleyball had been described by many players, coaches and officials as a “TOUCH OF CLASS”.

Central Florida Volleyball Club is proud to be a role model for the club players.